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Cleaning process

Optimised cleaning process – optimised result

The first and the most crucial step in the beginning of the tank cleaning process is the correct identification of the product. For this purpose our staff uses an extensive data base (C-Bank) providing information about the chemical properties and the hazard potential of ca. 51 780 products (with about 84 470 synonyms or trade names) as well as specific instructions for the handling and the best cleaning procedure. Deviating specifications given by the customer are implemented in an adequate way but only after consulting the management. Furthermore, the software allows the safe and simple assignment of the products to the chambers. After order acceptance the availability of all necessary media can be controlled by a visualisation software in the tank cleaning office.

Prior to cleaning the amount of residuals are checked. A careful detection of residual amount is an obligation to avoid subsequent debates on costs or cleaning procedures. If the estimated amount is higher than 10 kg, the cleaning procedure will be interrupted and the management will confer with the customer prior continuing.

During the product specific cleaning process particular attention is paid to the cleaning of mounted parts and hoses. In the food tank cleaning bay special supports and holdings exist. As a matter of principle, well-functioning and clean equipment guarantees a failure-free and successful cleaning process

Only a completely dried inner surface of the tank allows a correct judgement of the cleaning result. The drying is carried out with hot air which prior to this was filtered and decontaminated by UV radiation. The final control is realized not only by the staff of the Czerwinski GmbH but also by the driver. If both checks give positive results, the cleaning document (ECD) will be issued. Furthermore, if required, the cleaned chambers can be sealed with leads by the driver in attendance of the staff.
Prozesssteuerung für Spülköpfen in der Tankwagenreinigung
Spülkopf und Absaugung
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