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Structural engineering - hygiene

Engineering measures to maintain hygiene – more than duty in tank cleaning

Besides the specific conditioning processes prior to cleaning and the procedures during the cleaning process the separation of sensible areas is an important measure to secure a high hygiene standard. To avoid contaminations the food and feed cleaning bay is located in a separated hall apart from the hall with cleaning bays for chemicals. Furthermore, the rooms for engineering, the energy supply, engines, and for storage as well as the waste gas and waste water treatment are separated from the bays. The waste water treatment plant, for example, is located in a nearby but separate building. Moreover, residual products, in particular food or feed residuals, are stored separately in suitable containers until final disposal.

The staff changing rooms and washing rooms (showers, WC) are located in a separate building dividing the areas of street and work clothes. Besides this separation, the staff is equipped with personal protective clothing and special hygiene related outfits. Not seriously ill staff, especially with slight infectious diseases, are not allowed to work in the food tank cleaning bay. Furthermore, they are continuously trained in regard to all aspects of maintaining hygiene, avoiding contaminations, and perpetuating cleanliness.

The halls with the cleaning bays are enclosed areas with shutter gates for entry and exit avoiding negative external effects of the weather. A good ventilation however is important to protect from wet areas with subsequent microbial growth. Therefore 3 dome lights are integrated in the ceiling of the hall with the food tank cleaning bay. They can be opened to release the steam of the cleaning process and to optimize ventilation.

The floor, the walls, and the ceiling of the halls are waterproofed and easy to clean. The walls are tiled or cladded with stainless steel sheets. The floors meet the legal requirements according to WHG. Besides, they are slip resistant and abrasion-proof, joints are minimized.

To avoid impurity in corners or angles which are difficult to reach the operating platforms were constructed with enclosed steel beam girder and enclosed shapes. Furthermore, the operating platforms are covered with stainless steel sheets to prevent water dropping. Corrosion is obviated the way that the platform, the stairs, and all holdings and attachments are made of inert materials (stainless steel, plastics, or zinc coated materials).

The process water is drained off at once via a special liquid conducting system in the floor. It persists of fused plastic pipes (polyethylene) leading to the building with the waste water treatment. The outlets and the gorges are easy to clean.

The lighting conditions of the halls provide a high visibility of all areas and therefore make visible controls easy and ensure perfect cleaning of impurities. Furthermore, inspection lamps are used for tank control.

A special feature of the Czerwinski GmbH tank cleaning is the fact that not only the chemistry bays but also the food and feed cleaning bay is equipped according to the requirements of explosion protection regulation. That makes it possible to clean dangerous media, e.g. food industry alcohol, in this bay excluding the risk of contamination which may be originated in a chemistry cleaning bay.
separierte Bereiche der Tankwagen-Reinigung
Verschmutzungsvermeidung durch glatte Fliesen
gute Sichtverhältnisse in der Lebensmittel-Reinigungsbahn
Hygiene durch Vermeidung von Verschmutzungsbereichen